Wednesday, May 13, 2009

City Run & Urban Hike

...all in one day! That's my kind of day!

My 6.4 km run at noon combined with my 5.2 km hike in the evening is what I have to show for the day, well other then the many hours sitting at my desk before and after the run. The 6.4km was covered in 40:44 at a pace of 6:21 min/km. While the run was pretty much just outside the front door of my work, the hike was pretty much just outside the front door of my home.

You can see in the google map where the 5.2km urban hike took place. I have driven by here numerous times and always wondered what was there, now I know! Who knew, another gorgeous playground so close to home. This was a great hill workout, with lots of ups and downs.
Here are a few photos depicting the lay of the land. One day I will check out the history of this area. Many of the rock formations were embedded with shell pieces and what looked like could have been fossils. Some areas looked like sandstone, other places looked like water erosion took place. Even the color variations proved interesting.

This is getting close to the end of the hike. I'm sitting on a rock big enough to hold, oh probably a dozen or so folks.
This is definitely a place I want to check out again, maybe even with my runners on instead of my hiking boots.

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  1. I used to live in Hidden Valley in the late 90s when the houses around that park were being built. That south facing hill was a good place to find crocuses. Thanks for reminding me about it being a good place to hang out in town!


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