Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tapering is not my Forte!

...but I am trying my best and I think I am not doing too bad!

So far though, it's been a productive but expensive taper! I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to do a lot of sitting around. Like sitting around waiting for the new brakes to be put on my car. Then I sat around waiting for new tires to be put on my car, you see, my front tire got nailed twice! One day this week I will be sitting around waiting for the plumber to do his thing in my kitchen. Yet, another day, I'll be sitting around while the stylist does a number on my hair. Yes, an expensive taper!

With seven more sleeps to go, I have started a weather watch! I realize the forecast will change a baker's dozen times in the meantime but I can't help myself, I have to watch! Just in case we could be so fortunate, I did yesterday's run at high noon in the heat of the day for practice. It's all relative, our high noon heat was hot for us here in Calgary, but others would probably consider it bundle up type weather.

I picked a different route this time, which I liked and will be sure to frequent it. This was my last easy, slow, short long run. I covered 8.9 km on this out and back route in 58:58 at a pace of 6:37 min/km.I am working on my plan of attack for next Sunday and will share that with you once I get all the meat on the bones. Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck on Sunday! Hope the weather is perfect. I'll be thinking of you from the mountains. :)

  2. Good morning!!
    We are long overdue for an email to each other!!

    The D A R E program that Sara took....all grade 6's have to teaches them about drugs and alcohol....and what it does to your body, etc....very good program. They also have to write an essay about what they learned. It's a 10 week course, one day a week, taught by the RCMP at the schools.


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