Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slow Slushie Sunday Slog

When I went to bed last night, I thought, maybe the forecasters will be wrong this time and we will have fine weather in the morning! Deja vu! Once again, just like last Sunday, Calgary woke to a big blanket of white! I didn't even let my mind go in any direction other than get ready to run!

It was a slippery drive to Prince's Island and a slippery run too, for the most part of it. I headed east to the Edmonton Trail bridge and crossed over to north side to head west! Five minutes into the heading west part, right before me, a car slid off the road, over the little bank, across the pathway and smashed into steel poles stopping it from dropping into the river! Cars pull off to the side coming to aid when the guy dressed in his Sunday Going-To-Church outfit gets out of the car looking a little shaken but appearing fine physically-wise. Lots of folks were now there to assist so I did not stick around. The incident did make me pay attention to traffic thereafter. If I had been a minute sooner, I would have been in his way!

At about 18 km into my run, Kelly caught up with me! I have been following his blog for about a year or so now and it was nice to run into him running on the running path. We chatted for a bit but he is speedier than I am and if I wanted to finish my run I had to do my pace, which I think is a little more than a minute slower.

I was not surprised when I downloaded my 305 and it spit out the results. I knew it was a slower run this time around but hey, isn't that what the LSD is! Long SLOW Distance!

This is what my 305 spit out:

Time: 2:45:22
Distance: 24.26 kms
Pace: 6:49 min/km

After a week and a half of being down on my running, it feels like I am back on track!


  1. Love reading about your running!!
    Sounds like you're still getting winter weather.....we are due for snow later today....

    Take care

  2. Eh no worries about a slow LSD that'S what they are for being SLOW! Especially considering the white gross stuff!!!! LOL


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