Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loving Life Right Now

This morning's run was quick and short with no Garmin to confirm what I actually did, but my old Timex Ironman Flix told me I put in 32 minutes. That's about it for this week until tomorrow which calls for 23km. I can hardly wait, I love those long runs! It's my quiet time to deal with things and organize what needs to be planned for, going forward.

Ah! Family and Fun! That's what this week is all about! Here we are at Lake Louise, me, my niece and brother all bundled up to endure the elements! It was -29C! I'm use to it but it was an eye-opener for them! Good thing blankets were provided for the sleigh ride! We spent a day at Sunshine! Them skiing, me enjoying the sunshine! I like the "then and now" photos. I hiked up on top of the ski area back in October and it looked like this! Yesterday was a different story! They skied for about three hours and I let my brother take my 60CSX. It was interesting to see what their ski looked like on Google Earth and to see the speed variances plotted.
A day of shopping already took place! They did leave items for other people to buy! The selection was great for them here in the big city. Now it's go time again! We are off to the Brier for the afternoon and then meeting up with other family members.

I'm ready for my 23 km run tomorrow after they leave and also for my 15 km hike on Saturday!

I'm loving life right now and feeling like I am on top of the world!


  1. Thanks for such a positive report. It makes me feel good to read it!

  2. Alexandra, it sounds like you ARE on top of the world! Very nice post as always, and super pics too.

  3. Good luck on your 23 km and keep up the positive vibrations!


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