Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peppie from the GET-GO

Thank you to those who posted an answer to my "Take It and Run Thursday" question! I took a PowerGel, along with some water/Gatorade, just before I started my morning run. Whether it was psychological or it actually worked, but I felt peppie right from the get-go! I had to harbour my exuberance if I wanted to complete my planned distance.

Along with trying out the new gel routine, I also tried out my brand new spankie sneakers. With that new duo, and having to wear only one layer on the bottom and two light shirts, I felt light and bouncy and I just sailed through my run.

I like how my out and back route looks on this google map! It looks like I ran really far! What I did run was:
Time: 1:47:01
Distance: 16.44kms
Pace: 6:30 min/km


  1. Look at you!!! Going LONG!! Woohoo at a great pace too =) Awesome job Andra!

    BTW I have found a friend to come hiking with me! I'm really looking forward to the trip =)

  2. way to go.. hmm maybe I will start taking one on my way out the door

  3. Not having to wear all those layers makes a huge difference! sounds like you are well on your way for your race training!


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