Thursday, March 19, 2009

...but my play list will!

...accompany me on my home run today! For only the second time in two years, I tuned into my IPod while I ran. I enjoyed the company! Lifehouse joined me for awhile, as did Katy Perry. Both Chris Brown and Rihanna paced with me but not at the same time. Bon Jovi got me up the hills and do I dare say, The Pussycat Dolls pushed me on to home base!

I have yet to bare my legs while I run this year! Today would have been a great day to! I'm not quite there though...I need to work my way towards that. I should get a pair of those running capri pants!

So, it's another home run to add to my stats and the outcome was:

Time: 53:20
Distance: 8.1 kms
Pace: 6:35 min/km


  1. Yes, I thought about the "no long pants" idea today, but chickened out. Not much longer though! I also chickened out on the MP3 player. I get forgetful as it is, and I should be listening for cars!

  2. I need to shave before I bare my legs. ;D

  3. Running with music can sometimes make all the difference!

  4. I don't believe I know what running capri pants look like - but they might come in handy before it is warm enough for shorts. Down here in Texas the guys are shirtless already, and some of them could take advice from Nikemom. Sasquatch sighting...


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