Monday, January 7, 2019

Spray River West X-C Ski January 7, 2019

Time was passing and I was not getting out on my X-C Skis and that was bothering me.  When my motivation should be at its highest, it has not been.  The only way this is going to happen is if I make it happen!  So I did but it took tonnes of tough talk.  

I went for the Spray River West Trail under the arch at the Banff Springs Hotel for my first outing.  It is an easy one with a couple of little hills, sections of track by the river, pretty scenery and an end point with a shelter and picnic table.  
The track was a bit wide in spots from lots of use but I took it slow through those parts.  The weather was ideal and just like I remembered the views were sweet.  I felt good to be out here doing this on such a glorious day.

I made it to the gathering spot, where a few of us gathered.  It was tea time and ski-stop-shot time.  I walked down to the bridge to have a look at the track.  I have never been up the East Side and I did not want to go there today.  It is a multi use trail.  

During the ski back, I took a detour off the track down towards the river.  By the looks of it many others had been before so I thought there must being something down here.  It was this, an amazing sight!
I finished my first X-C Ski outing of the season and I was still in tack.  Thank you!  It was early afternoon and I had some time to spare so I took a stroll around Cascade Ponds.  

Check-in time approached so I took care of that then dropped into the Bistro to pick up a beer and ended up having a short pleasant chat with Barry Blanchard.  What are the odds he would be there!  I should have savoured some of my beer with him but I retreated to my balcony instead to watch the sun set.
It feels good to get that first C-X Ski of the season complete.  With it being a good experience my motivation has upped its ante.  Let's see what the future holds!



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