Thursday, January 24, 2019

Prairie Mountain January 24, 2019

Prairie Mountain never calls my name yet I still go.  I know it is good for my heart, my soul, my lungs and my muscles to get up and down that thing.  With what the weather prediction was, I knew this could be a pretty day out this way.  Like any other time I venture to Route 66 to attack Prairie Mountain, I go early because I like to avoid the migration.  Even more so, I like to witness the pretty colors and light the early hours have to offer.
...and so it begins with pink in the sky just how I like it...
There had been a couple of centimeters of snow late last evening.  From the looks of the ascending and descending footprints in the snow and assessing their time status, it appears someone spent the night up on Prairie Mountain last night.  This is why I like ascending on the earlier side, the low sun shines through and lights up the forest.
Yes, present me with a nice cloud of some sort!
There's not much snow in this area of the foothills yet there were drifts of it up on the ridge line.  
I made it!  Of course the first order of business is capturing proof that I did make it to the top of Prairie Mountain.  Each time I try to get a photo that shows a different perspective in one way or another.  I feel I accomplished that with this summit shot!
It was brutal up here today.  It took wearing five upper layers to feel comfortable enough to take a little time for tea and a snack.  This says it all!  Need I say more!
a patriotic shadow shot
Once off the very top, I took one last look back before getting on with the descending business.   

I know it is good for my heart, my soul, my lungs and my muscles to get up and down that thing! Now back at my car, my heart now begins to settle its pace, my soul is now singing, my lungs are now full of healthy mountain fresh air and my muscles are that much more stronger. 

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