Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lower Lake/Canyon/Meadow in PLPP January 17, 2019

My snowshoes have been sitting at my door, right there front and center, almost like they are yelling at me to please not leave them behind yet another day!  Today I was snowshoeing no matter what!  The plan was for a gentler day, I was keen for whatever.  Our route followed the Lower Lake Trail onto the Canyon Trail then onto Meadow.  It was a one way trip along these trails which I have never been on before in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.       
It was a grey dismal day with snow flurries the entire time.  
When it is winter and we are handed grey dismal, that's when I focus up close and find the beauty there.  It was cold and it was frosty.  The snow crystals were big and there were millions of them.  The snow itself was fluffy and fun to run in but the others were not sure what to make of my antics.  I was doing what I do and that was making my own kind of fun and memories.    
On days like this it is a pleasure to have a warm comfortable place to retreat to when it's time to dine.  
There are mountains out there!
As it remained cold all day and the flurries continued to fall, the crystals accumulated and grew in size.  Looking at them up close is a sight to see, each one is so perfectly formed and each crystal is unique in its own way.  No matter what Mother Nature offers you, accept it and find your own way to embrace it! 


  1. As a former sailor, living on the sea, I love to read posts about the snow. Great photos.

    1. Welcome back Black Knight! I will have lots of snow stories to tell over the next couple of months.


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