Sunday, January 20, 2019

Grass Pass & The Boundary Pine January 20, 2019

A weekend quiet morning is about the only time that Deerfoot 500 Raceway is worth it for me to take the chance venturing onto.  I have been thinking about hiking up to The Boundary Pine tree in the foothills west of Longview and taking all pertinent points into account, today seemed like the day to do it.  The weather forecast showed awesome!      
I left home in the dark and the entire drive was beautiful 
due to the enormous looking moon setting and then
the sun rising the closer I got to the trail head.   
I went prepared with gaiters and spikes but neither were necessary.  
When I saw this I thought tropical for a split second!
I arrived at Grass Pass and then began the ups over the three little steep hills as if I were heading over to the Bull Creek Hills.  My destination was in the other direction so this was my veer off point.  It felt warm and the views were so nice that I took a little time here.  I like the look of cloud rays shooting out of the mountain top.
This is about as much snow as I had to contend with.
The wind whipped trees up here always capture my attention.
Then there are the trees that I wonder about their state of existence! 
A great view of the Bull Creek Hills is afforded as you hike along the pinesula towards the Boundary Pine.  From this vantage point they look inviting to go there without snowshoes but who knows what is over and down the other side.
Upon arrival at the Boundary Pine, the sun was peaking through the branches.
It's not just a tree although some would say that.  The Boundary Pine Tree has history, you just need to google it.  This was a wonderful day to be here.  There was just enough blue and just enough cloud to make this picture perfect.  
Off to the side on a little outskirt was what looked like a good place to enjoy my tea and sandwich.  I settled in there and savoured everything so far about today.  That is tea, not just hot water.  I went with a not so strong chamomile to pair with a ham/turkey/cheese on a multigrain ciabatta bun sandwich.
After lunch it was retreat time back the way I came.  
I continued straight over to the Highwood River.    
icy framed rock
Before motoring on beyond this area I stopped to look back to see where I was.  

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  1. I'm still baffled by how little snow there is! You do lunches right though. I need to do better than a protein bar.


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