Thursday, January 3, 2019

Rawson Lake from Elk Pass Lot January 3, 2019

With weekday days open now, I have been looking for company to share mountain trails with.  Today I joined up with a, new to me, +55 seniors club to see if this is an option that would be a good fit.   I opted for the snowshoe/hike up to Rawson Lake from the Elk Pass Parking Lot.  Another option I went for was to wear microspikes instead of snowshoes.  In hind sight I wish I wore snowshoes.  There was lots of snow already and it snowed the whole day.  Far off views were non-existent, it was a day to focus on what was up close and that was the snow.  So I ended up.......
We are on the right trail.
 We took our lunch break at Rawson Lake.
 the art of angel making
The wet heavy snow continued to fall all day and was accumulating.  The forecast was for sun and clear all day.  We were no doubt receiving the edge of what was happening in the National Park to the west.  It was delightful!
My friends for the day opted for their snowshoes and I was happy they did.  In the 1.5 km section between the two parking lots, they broke trail.  I played off to the side at times but easily slipped in behind them when I had enough.
As usual the Rawson Lake Trail was well packed.
Upon our return it was beginning to become slightly not so packed.  
There was no blue sky nor sunshine today out in this part of our mountain playground.  It was stark white and wonderful.  The views gave off that desolate look.  The drifts with becoming higher.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this sight is truly beautiful to me.
Today was one day I was happy to get back onto a warm comfy coach and leave the driving to the lady,  getting us out of that Elk Pass parking lot and up that curvy road safely out to highway 40.  Knowing what I saw and experienced today being "out & about" out there, it is going to be pure joy to play there in the coming days.  


  1. That's exactly what it has looked like here for the last two weeks! I think I'll follow your lead and make a snow angel this weekend.

    1. I hope it clears soon for both of us! I wonder what adventures you have planned for this year? I still check you photo album site to see what you have been up to but your last album is Sept 2018.

  2. Well the webcam shows a beautiful afternoon aand the light on Lake Louise gorgeous. I wonder were you out and about? Just loved all your pics and can relate to your comment on the last.


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