Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Cascade Fire Road X-C Ski January 8, 2019

It was a treat this morning to have a mere 15 minute drive to the Cascade Fire Road X-C Ski trail head.  There were a few vehicles already there including a group of 17 from a Calgary club. I felt a bit anxious knowing the trail would be busy.  We chatted and then I went on my way. 
At the big bend and before the narrow trail starts, I caught up with a few of the 17 as they waited for the rest of their group.  I never did see them again until they passed by me while I was just heading down off the bridge to the Campground.  For that few kilometre stretch I owned it and the experience was pure bliss.  I glided up my skis a couple of days ago and that afforded me easy, smooth movement along the track.
It was very cold yet I was quite comfortable.  I donned many layers and even wore my great big fat mitts.  They don't easily fit into the straps of my poles but I made it work.
I reached the bridge and admired the view before crossing it.  The river was mostly snow covered so passed on capturing that scene.
The Campground is just down the hill to the left and this is when the other group passed by. I secured my ski-stop-shot and then went into a campsite to rest for a bit. The set up was perfect for enjoying a spot of tea and an energy boosting snack.

       I did not notice this sign on the way in but I did notice the gate.

I enjoyed the return portion of this route because it is mostly down hill.  It went by quickly.  This was the last view looking back just before the end. I was happy to have completed another X-C Ski outing and still like the sport.  The reason I say that is because this activity does not come easy to me.
I drove to Two Jack Lake and picked a spot to park that had a view to have a late lunch.  Once again I bundled up and walked to those red chairs and then down to the lake for some photo opportunities. 

          This was just another great day in this piece of paradise!  


  1. Oh my! How magically beautiful. Incredible sky.

    1. It was very very cold but so worth every second to be out there.


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