Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ice Sculptures & Great Divide X-C Ski January 22, 2019

After experiencing a spring-like day hiking just two days ago, today I went for what I truly prefer for mid January and that is a full on winter experience.  It's ice sculpture time at Lake Louise and you cannot get more wintry than that.  Today being so soon after the ice sculptures were carved meant they would still be fresh and crisp.  Also, they are free to view on weekdays.  

The Ice Sculptures

It is such a pleasure to experience this place when there are just a few others around.  My thinking is the cold windchill, plus being a weekday, also not a holiday season, the crowds did not flock here this morning.  The Chateau workers were still working at finding places to push away with a plow all the snow.  Even with a wind chill, it appeared very calm and I was able to capture reflection photos.

Lake Louise Reflections

The best place to enjoy a great X-C Ski experience is where it is a winter-wonderland.  I picked the Great Divide to swish along for many kilometres.  It was me and a friend who just happened to show up at the parking lot the same time I did.  Oh and of course, the dogs were there.  They were just returning as we were heading out.  Then they were just heading out as I was finishing my swishing for the day.        

 Great Divide X-C Ski

As I arrived back at my car I had this feeling, the feeling I always feel at the conclusion of a wonderful winter mountain "out & about" experience.  With my hair covered in frost,  my lungs full of fresh air, my heart beating quickly, my nose & checks glowing pink, I felt happy & fulfilled and like I was "on top of the world"!


  1. I can fully believe your heart was overflowing with joy. Not only am I enjoying your magical winter wonderland but your photography as always, is stunning and so beautifully collated. Please remind me again of the photo site you use to create your collages.

  2. Those ice sculptures are amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos.


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