Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ridge Walker

After ascending for 6.6 kms to an elevation level of 2204 meters and four hours later.... ...along a trail that looks like this at times...
...we finally reached what looked like a serene, winter, mountain-top, desert... have a view like this on the other side...

...and a potluck dinner after the descent as the reward!
What another great day in the mountains southwest of Calgary, climbing to the ridge top of Cox Hill. It was a day filled with sunshine and clear blue skies, in the company of a bunch of energetic, high on life, folks.
It still amazes me to find these fun playgrounds so close to home! How lucky are we! I love days like these that make me fell like I am "on top of the world"!

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  1. Yes, you are very lucky indeed!! Pics look amazing as usual, you must be in tip top shape!


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