Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LOST! Where for art thou?

I had been doing so well with my Sunday runs, my Forerunner 305, my new neighbourhood routes, my graphs, my Take It and Run Thursday reports, my route maps and even my home runs! I was making great headway! I see the days tick down on the countdown clock to my half-marathon and my marathon. I feel unmotivated and I don't feel motivational! I am tired of running in snow and on ice, I'm tired of running with layers on, I'm tired! I have been living for my Saturday's, I have been loving them this year but there is more to life then Saturday's! But where? I want my "doing so well" back! I feel LOST! Where for art thou?


  1. We all get those little dips in motivation - hang in there, you will get it back!

  2. AS someone who recently lost her mojo and managed to get it back - it does happen! I hear you on winter because it seems never ending. I just heard on the news that spring is less than 1 month away! Does that help?

  3. Ahhh, I SOOO hear you! I know our winters aren't as cold, but I'm tired of the layers and the runny nose and the gloves and the slippery sidewalks too! Do you ever run with music? Maybe its time to break out some new tunes to keep you going...hmm, come to think of it, I should do the same! I hven't run in a week!

  4. Hang in there Alex. It's going to be sunny on the weekend. A couple of days of running in the sun and you will be better! Of course, a week in Phoenix would be even better. :-)

  5. Finally. Proof that you are human. :)

    After the amazing "run" of highs and successes you have had over the past few weeks, you were due for a down day or two. It will pass. Hang in there Andra.


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