Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Merry Berry Day

This was our main destination for the Family Day Holiday yesterday! The top of Blueberry Hill! At the very edge was a picnic table where we sat for a few minutes to catch our breath, both from the beauty and from the trek up! This was the first time I was high enough to look down onto the Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes. We had gorgeous weather, most of the time I wore sunglasses and went without my hat. I was fine in two layers, neither of which were heavy. For the majority of the way, we broke trail through untouched soft snow.
We stopped at Fox Lake to dine and this is what it looked like compared to when we dined there last year in September. We spent a little time here in the sunshine and refueling for our ascent to the top of Blueberry Hill.
You know when you are told not to do something, you just have to do it! Well, I just had to enter, so I quickly stepped behind this sign and that's as far as I went!
Today was an accomplishment for reaching new snowshoeing heights! At this point we are just about at the top of Blueberry Hill and have made a significant amount of overall elevation. After reaching the highest point, instead of a meandering route back down, we took the direct route which meant bushwhacking from the picnic table straight down the mountainside through the bushes and trees to the Lake below.

In total we covered 14.7 kms. My 60CSX says we started at 10:33 am and finished at 5:26 pm. It was an amazing day and not only in body was I on top of the world but I was in my mind too!


  1. Again..I marvel at your outdoor skills. :)

  2. What a great way to spend Family Day (when you actually have a holiday that day ;-)

    You look so cheeky in that pic with the Avalanche sign!!! LOL

    I am going hiking in Vermont over the Easter Holiday (with my dog only). I want to hike a couple of mountains (nothing crazy as I have never really done this).

    As a beginner, I have no clue what I need to bring with me (other than water and snacks), in order to be 'safe' in case something happens (flashlight? warm clothes, matches).

    From a website about Lake Champlain Hiking trails

    I was thinking of doing:
    Saturday: Silent Cliff Trail (Middlebury Gap) - East Middlebury, Vermont
    Total Distance: 1.5 Miles
    Hiking Time: 1 Hour
    Vertical Rise: 520 ft.
    Rating: Easy

    Sunday: Jerusalem Trail (Mount Ellen) - Bristol, Vermont
    Total Distance: 8.6 Miles
    Hiking Time: 5 Hours
    Vertical Rise: 2580 ft.
    Rating: Moderate

    Monday (if I'm still up for it): Batell trail (Mount Abraham) - Lincoln, Vermont
    Total Distance: 5.2 Miles
    Hiking Time: 5 Hours
    Vertical Rise: 2500 ft.
    Rating: Strenuous

    Do you have any advice for me? In April do you think I will need yaktrax or other device for snow in the mountain??


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