Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Home Run!

Boy, did I need to hit this home run after such a strike out of a day at work!

Nothing went right at work today! I felt stressed and the onset of a headache. I debated back and forth whether to run home or just ride transit home and try for a home run another time. I came prepared to run and thought at least give it a try. I had my emergency transit ticket tucked in my pack if I got in trouble before reaching home base.

Everything went right on my run home today! I'm so glad I didn't let work get in my way of what I enjoy doing. Here are some ball park stats on my home run:

Time: 57:36
Distance: 8:23
Pace: 6:59 min/km


  1. You are definitely on a mojo-laced, got your groove back, kick ass roll. Way to go Andra!!

  2. seriously there is nothing like a good run to cure a shitty day, pardon the language. I am hoping that my runs the next few days will carry me through this nutty work life

  3. Awesome! I feel so much better after a run when I had a shitty day!


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