Sunday, February 8, 2009

Easy Breezy!

13.12 kilometers
in 1:25:20
at a pace of 6:30 min/km
seemed so easy!

That's how this morning's run felt! Easy Breezy! I could easily have carried on but it is only week 3 and my long run called for 13 kms. No need in getting cocky and spoiling things! Been there, done that!

There was an incident though! I could hear a group behind me for the longest time. They seemed to be at the same pace as me because the distance between us was not increasing or decreasing. All of a sudden, the leader of the pack runs around me while a couple of the others followed her and when they got in front of me they put the brakes on. I ended up stepping on the heals of one girl and my hand went up to brace myself and I pushed her and she stumbled forward, luckily she didn't fall. I tried to keep my pace but I was in a circle of these runners who were for the longest time doing my pace but now had really slowed down. I just moved to the side and let them all go by in a group then circled around them, passed them and got back into my groove, not having to deal with them again! Geesh! Sometimes that pathway system can be like the Deerfoot!

The good thing about the pathway system is that it is 99.9% clear of ice. Now if only my "home run" route and my neighbourhood routes could follow suit!


  1. Nice work on your run - there is nothing better than when things feel easy. And the pathways can be such a mess... I'm already dreading rollerblading season.

  2. Don't you love a strange warm spell in the middle of winter??

  3. Yeah way to go - that's a good pace for 13 km!


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