Friday, September 12, 2008

Tomorrow's Destination

Buller Pass

According to Gem Trek Maps, Buller Pass is rated as a "strenuous day hike". The trail head is off the Smith Dorrien Highway (highway 742) near the southern part of the Spray Lakes Reservoir. This hike is listed as being a 14.9 km round trip with an elevation of 660 meters. Buller Pass will be my first Pass of this year’s hiking season. The trek promises subalpine meadows and alpine terrain, a mostly deciduous forest, creek crossings and spectacular views.

With a forecast of rain for the city of Calgary today, that could mean snow in the mountains. You have to go prepared for anything this time of year. Well, actually, when you go to the mountains, you have to go prepared for anything, any time of the year! What kind of hike are we in store for!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Snow?! My god this is crazy!

    Hope you're going to be bundled up!


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