Friday, September 5, 2008

Canmore is calling... I am driving there tomorrow! I have a room booked for the night with a kitchenette where I can pop my spaghetti in a microwave for dinner and make my power breakfast in the morning. Instead of getting up at an inhumanly hour and having a 90 minute drive to the race, I will now have a 10 minute drive and I can sleep in longer. Besides, I really like Canmore and I can enjoy the area in the afternoon.

Here is the shirt! Ooops, I’m so use to saying that, I mean, here is the sack! The race is going green this year! Instead of a shirt, they gave out a reusable, environmentally friendly grocery bag.

Other going green initiatives they advertise are:
  • a paperless registration, you can still register on Sunday, they will have a computer set up
  • cups at the water stations will be composted
  • human powered rickshaws to make deliveries to the volunteers instead of a van
  • they are suggesting car pooling to the event and have set up a site to arrange that
  • bring your own coffee mugs for this race’s pre race coffee tradition

These are a few, there are more, but what a great idea!

I plan to tuck my camera in my pack along with my gels, it’s small and there’s lots of room. I hope to have some along the route photos to share with you.

So here’s to having a fun time Running in the Rockies!


  1. Good luck at the race! The grocery bag looks really neat, and some of those green ideas sound good too. Not sure about those human powered rickshaws though! Have a great time!!

  2. Good Luck at the race. Love the bag idea. More races should think of using these ideas!

    Can't wait for race report!

    R x

  3. Awesome!!! We're expecting hurricane weather here in N.S.!!! What are "two Bite Brownies"? You mention them in your blogs. I. H. and A. say Hello.

  4. I love that the race is doing all these green steps!! The compoted cups is very impressive and should be use in all races...



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