Friday, September 19, 2008

No Sweet Saunter

slow, slower and even slower
Today's Run
from Edworthy to the Y and back
15 km
8:45 am start
+13 degrees celcius
bright sunshine, not even a breeze
This was my first longer run since the half marathon just about two weeks ago. I wasn't packing any punch today. I felt like calling it quits pretty soon into the run but just thought, take it easy, go slow and enjoy! I rested for about 10 minutes at the Y and then did the return trip back. It was pretty quiet which I enjoyed! Normally I like when lots of folks are out running like on Sunday mornings. Autumn put on a great splash of color! I tried not to blink because I know here in Calgary, the colors don't stayed around long. With about a kilometer and a half to go, I felt like I was getting into the groove, everything was lining up and falling into place and from somewhere, I have no idea where, out sprouted a burst of energy! I put the pedal to the metal and finally got that run over with! Now I need a nap!

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