Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celebrate Good Times!

Another year older for my friend Ms M!
The heart, the spirit, another year younger!

Lady Bell, Ms M and I were a little late in our celebrating as can happen sometimes but these occasions are important enough we manage to work them into our schedules one way or another. This time, for the first time, we tried out Smuggler’s Inn for Sunday Brunch! Our waiter was a character, our booth was cozy, the fire place felt warm (although we did not need a fireplace today), the food delicious and plentiful, and as always, the company and conversation enjoyable!

We had a couple of hours to spare before heading to other commitments, and being such a gorgeous day, we felt a park-type stroll was in order and Carburn Park was the perfect place to do that on this day! It was busy with bikers and walkers, fishermen and picnickers, dogs and ducks. The leaves have started their process of changing colors and looked beautiful as the trees reflected in the water. We even saw a pirate ship floating about!

It’s always nice to spend time together!
I’m glad we had today to share!

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  1. Celebrating a birthday with special friends is a time to be cherished.

    Thank you for this memory and the day spent eating, drinking and being merry.

    Ms. M


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