Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fantastic Fall

I ran in the leaves just because!
Today's Run
17 Kilometers
Eau Claire to Shouldice and return
sunny, -1 Celsius, not even a breeze, to start
sunny, +14 Celsius, not even a breeze, at finish
I love running this time of year! I ran in the leaves just because and I ran in shorts just because! After yesterday's hike, I was not sure how I would manage today but I was pleasantly surprised to find today to be a breeze, even though there was not even a breeze! The colors along the river were spectacular, one of the hot air balloons in this morning's sky matched the foilage in color. This was my last long run before my next and last half marathon on October 12th. I feel ready for it, now I just have to wait!


  1. Hii
    I was waiting till I could post a few pics before writing about Berlin! We went out for a lovely meal on Sunday night but had to come home to collect the kids from my Mums on Monday. Now it's back to work! Hope you are tapering for you half. I will be thinking of you.


  2. Fall is definitely the best time of the year to run!! I love the smell of the cold air mix with the leaves. I can't run much right now, but I notice the changes when I walk with my dog. =)

    Great job on the 17K.


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