Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elbow Valley, a place....

...to just dilly dally!
That's what we did, Ms M and I! This day was planned for awhile and the only thing we hoped for was nice weather so we could thoroughly enjoy it, and that we did! Under blue sky and sunshine, cool temperatures and only a few other dilly dalliers, we made the most of our day.
We had our choice of picnic tables so picked the best one of them all. Location Location Location! Then laid out the cloth, opened our lawn chairs, got our coolers and baskets in place, we laid claim! After a cup of coffee and a chance to relax for a bit, off we went to follow the walkway along the river. It’s paved with steps up and down, places to sit, plaques to explain, view points, railings and scenery along the path like you wouldn’t believe! I’m really realizing lately what beauty there is in my neck of the woods!
We lingered over our picnic of salmon sandwiches, snap peas and carrots, havarti cheese, cole slaw and macaroni salad. The Chardonnay paired well! When it was time for fruit and nut mix that meant it was also time to bring out the crib board! The competition was on once again! We were competitive and fierce! I came out on top this time which means it is now 1-1 which means...rematch!
We spent the balance of our dilly dallying polishing off the wine this time along with those two bite brownies and basking in the sun by the river lounging in our lawn chairs!


  1. Friendship, great weather, good food and beautiful surrooundings. It doesn't get better then that.
    A day of memories to last forever.

    Ms. M.


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