Saturday, August 15, 2020

what this week looked like

From city living to standing on a mountain top, from the foothills to the wetlands, I have experienced it all these past few days!  Into a weekend again, it's time to gather my photos, sketches & thoughts and lay them down here.  When I review my collections I realize WOW I have all this so close to home.  I believe if permission was granted to adventure far beyond these days, then I would not be appreciating some of these local gifts.  At times I feel down but as I see "what this week looked like" it makes me realize how sweet it is!  

Frank Lake Wetlands
I heard about this place two years ago but had no interest in venturing there.  It is all about the birds which now I have a  budding interest in.  This was an early morning visit just after the sun came up and the birds were wide awake creating the sound of music.  It's a 50 minute drive for me south then east of High River and it's a place I know I will visit again soon but with my rubber boots on.

Inglewood & The River Walk
This area of city centre is a walkers world with wide open pathways, sights to see, spots to sit, and education galore. We strolled along the Walk with somewhat of a plan in place and just went with the flow.  The route follows the Bow River which was refreshing to be beside on one of the hot, dog-days of summer.  

Mount Saint Piran
I have not been frequenting the mountains like I normally do in mid summer.  Of course the experience of getting to and from there and being there is different this year.  Because I go less frequent, when I do go, I go for what I  know will fill my soul.  I knew what I would be in for today so I just bit the bullet and got there, parked my car, hit the trail, and then at the main turn off to the right I was on my own, in my own world, climbing higher and then reaching the summit where it was just me with that 360 degree view. The cold breeze nipped my nose!  It was paradise!

Nose Hill Environmental Park
Visits to some of my favourite places are not only for the exercise and fresh air but now include the reason to photograph what I think I might like to sketch.  After three hours I came away with many  many many photos but only two that jumped out at me to replicate through my eyes.  It has been a couple of months since I have seen coyotes up here and that is my hope each time I go now.  I want a new coyote photo to sketch!  

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
I like that sunrises are a bit later lately and I don't need to hit the road so early.  When I arrived at the parking lot then stepped out of my car, I quickly needed to layer up and that included gloves.  I could see my breath on this crisp and cold morning.  The sun came up and filled the sky with pink.  It was calm enough for reflections in the pond.  Also in the pond I spotted a muskrat family, Mom and four little ones.  A baby muskrat swam close enough to the edge before it spotted me then dove under water.  This Park is ever changing for the better.  There is now a beautiful new sun shelter along a wide open section.  While still only mid August with lots of summer ahead, it did feel fallish and I  could see some autumn shades.  This Park is beautiful in all seasons!


  1. Great to find your blog and looking forward to reading more of your adventures (love the birding aspect of this post too!).

    1. Thank you for dropping in for a visit and leaving your comment.

  2. Wonderful that you are now enjoying your local area. It all seems extremely beautiful and special to me. Your drawing is coming along in leaps and bounds.

    1. Thank you Helen! Enjoying our local area and the drawing is all thanks to the way our world is today!


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