Saturday, August 8, 2020

Little Fish Lake Provincial Park

I had a little road trip in me yearning to come out!  Today I wanted to be anywhere other than in a mountainous area or where views were of the city scape kind.  Desert type landscape is easy access for me and that's the direction I headed even on a day forecasted to be +30C.  What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking wisely!  I googled directions to Little Fish Lake Provincial Park and just short of two hours later I arrived at this lovely little Campground and Park.  It sits about a 30 minute drive east of Drumheller.  

This post is more of a resource for me to look back and remember this place and this day.  It was a most beautiful, quiet, peaceful experience here and I am thankful for that. This is one of the Provincial Parks that will be permanently closed at the end of this summer due to cutbacks.  If this needs to happen, I can understand why this Park was picked.  It is out of the way (25kms down a dirt road), small (only 10 campsites for tents or trailers), protected water (no swimming and not good for consumption).  I am glad I got to see it.

On this day three of the ten campsites were occupied at $20.00 a night, no services other than a water  pump which would only be good for putting out your campfire.  There is a small structure with vault toilets. The campground section looked so nice each with a picnic table and fire pit and shade from the trees which is a must in this desert heat. There was also a swing set to the side and a small group campsite down a short path.  The sites all have a front row seat to Little Fish Lake.  

There is a maintained walking trail through the hills above the Lake.  It offers views of green grassy layers of rolling hills, a view of the Lake from the top of the hills, a view towards the campsites and the wildflowers were in abundance on the sides of the trail.  The wildlife visible today were one deer and one coyote.  Sunrises and sunsets would be awesome here! 

The campground section had animal proof garbage bins.  The bins were obviously full as two garbage bags were neatly packed and placed beside the bins.  I am not sure how often the garbage here would be collected but I could see this being an issue if it sat there overnight or for any length of time.  

This is a first come first serve campground with payment of your $20.00 by the honour system.  There is a secure box at the entrance to place your payment.  Being off the beaten path (25kms down a dirt road), I would not want to arrive here with intentions of setting up camp for the night, only to see it full.  Today the dirt road was in great condition, speed limit 80 and it was fine going at that speed.  It was a pretty drive even if it was along a dirt road.

Even though my visit here was two days ago, I still think about it and I wonder what it would be like to spend a night here!

walk way down to the Lake
view towards the rolling hills from the beach
looking back at the little beach
swing set
along the walking trail
view of Little Fish Lake from the walking trail
along the trail
looking back and down to the beach and campground which is in the trees on far left in photo
on a hill with Little Fish Lake behind me
along the trail
walking back to the beach
campsites are in the trees to the left
view along the dirt road drive

August 6, 2020 visit to Little Fish Lake Provincial Park

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