Sunday, August 23, 2020

dog days of august

Well into August by now and I already know when I look back at it, it is going to be memorable for the heat, record breaking heat.  I found a way to work around that all except for the night time hours though.  Who needs night after night after night of good decent sleeps anyway when enjoying the simpler things in retirement and not investing time in long days away on the road and aiming for high heights.  Time for that again is just around the corner.    

My dining table is covered in everything necessary for colour pencil sketching.  These are my recent projects:  my cabin in Jasper, my blogger banner photo, a squirrel peaking out from a rock and a lunch stop overlooking Horseshoe Canyon.   I have been getting into sketches that entail lots of detail and I am enjoying that.  It's those projects I truly get lost in!

North Glenmore Park
To avoid the heat of the day, I have been hitting the local spots early to pass a few hours.  Smoke from the forest fires west of here have contributed to pretty sunrises and sunsets.  Once I captured a handful of photos, it was time to put the pedal to the metal and cover 10kms at a walk racers pace.  

Douglas Fir Trail & Bow River
I enjoy spending lots of time along the Bow River during the dog days of August but that Douglas Fir Trail is not desirable at all except for the view point.  Oh one other thing, the trail is in the trees and offers up protection against the sun.  This whole area along the river is a happening place, there is something for everyone so you cannot blame the hoards for wanting to hang out here.  

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
I hit the sanctuary with hopes of finding a sketching project or two.  I got what I came for!  The blue heron photo was captured first thing upon arriving at the sanctuary.  I tried photographing it from many angles and with different lighting over a twenty minute time frame.  It stayed put that entire time, then it spread its wings and was gone.  As more and more birders arrived and the minutes ticked on, fewer and fewer birds were visible.  I was fortunate to have arrived early and secured some sweet shots.  

Nose Hill Environmental Park
Where have all the coyotes gone?  I am still searching!  Maybe they are only a spring time novelty.  No coyotes this morning nor deer but lots of beautiful coral, pink, orange, yellow shades as the sun rose.  Along one trail I spotted this heart shaped rock and it became my muse.  I love early mornings, sunrises and the colour orange!  

Carburn Park to Fish Creek Park
I was up with the birds this morning and the fishermen and those off to work along the Deerfoot.  As like other times, I captured some shots and then made my time here a business of covering lots of pathway kilometres quickly from Carburn to Fish Creek and back again.  Lost in the pretty and peace is a perfect pairing to start kick the day!


  1. You have certainly been rewarded for your early morning rise. Had you sketched before, or is this a new found talent? Very impressive!
    I look at these delightful collages and know that I just have to find time to fiddle with Smilebox. At present busy sorting photos and sewing Christmas gifts for Ben and Nora.

    1. Sketching is a new interest since back in April when our world changed! Smilebox will always be there for you, for when the time is right. Awww Ben & Nora, I hope some day soon you will get to lovingly embrace them!


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