Friday, August 7, 2020

finding joy in sketching

The cross-stitching has fallen by the wayside as has rock painting, all in favour of investing time in learning what I can about colour pencil sketching.  I have watched tutorials and practiced on scratch paper how to sketch feathers and fur, how to sketch something that is white, how to blend colours, how to do eyes, and the latest was how to do a glass of wine.  The glass of wine needs much more work and it's an important lesson I want to conquer.  After each tutorial and hours of practice, it's then time to finally lay the lesson onto real sketch paper.  These are my creations from the past while.  


  1. I have (finally!!) bookmarked your Blog on my computer! I could never access it properly from my phone! I will now be backtracking through your beautiful posts!
    I am so impressed with your drawing!! Talented in so many ways!

    1. Thank you. Sorry for the late reply. I wonder if you are getting back into your sketching.


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