Thursday, April 9, 2020

Nose Hill "dawn of a new day" April 9, 2020

It was a race to get out the door this morning to see the sun rise.  I am so thankful to have this municipal park so close to home and for it to still be open.  Nose Hill Environmental Park has become a go to place to begin my day in a way that brings cheer and color.  The last time here I walked down those stairs, this morning I began my hike with a climb up them.  As you can see they do warn us to physical distance.  Once again that was not a concern for my two hours here.  
It took a few minutes to get up this stair master.  
I did not want to miss what was in front of me nor what was behind me.  
I kept stopping to admire the developing color scheme. 
the sun peaks over the horizon and a new day dawns
the view ahead from the top of the stair master
I have been carrying my tripod every time I am out but I have not been needing it and anyway this morning there was no time to take it out and set it up.  Thankfully the bench was in the right spot so I could quickly capture this photo before the sky got too bright.
There is still ice in spots and I enjoy being inventive with it.  
Crack a piece off, hold it to the sun and voila!  
I like how it turned the whole piece such a pretty color.   
That whole piece is three inches in height.
Next comes the magic carpet!  No it's not magic, it's just Mother Nature doing her thing!  
The whole hill top was turned into a beautiful carpet of glow.  As you can see the moon is still up.  
I'm on fire for you baby!  
It seemed like in no time at all I was already over at the Shaganappi side of Nose Hill Park.  Time flies when you are having fun and I sure was having fun this morning.  It was cold and I was wishing I brought tea.  This would have been the perfect spot to savour a sip.
"A quarter for your thoughts!"  
It was time to find my way back.  I had ventured off the main trails and hiked along paths I had not been on before.  I did return in a round about away finding as many ups & downs as possible.  I passed on taking more photos and went for the exercise thing from here on in.  The sky was beautiful the entire time.

I covered 9.6 kms this morning and this was my route.


  1. Did you see any prairie crocuses? I was there yesterday and couldn't find any. Usually they are out in this time frame.

    1. Hi Ute! I looked for crocuses too but no luck. They should appear soon, last year I saw them first on April 18th.

    2. Yayyy, looking forward to this beautiful sign of spring.


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