Sunday, April 26, 2020

Laycock Park from Confluence April 26, 2020

My intentions have been to stay away from city parks and pathways on Saturdays and Sundays to avoid the crowds that venture to them on these days.  When I woke this morning and checked to see what kind of morning it was going to be, I knew I needed to be out there.  Just go early while others are savouring a sleep-in Sunday.  I was gifted sweet treasures today that made being out at the crack of dawn worth it. 
On my "out & about" list was Laycock Park which is in my old stomping grounds neighbourhood.  It has been years since I laid foot or tire track in that Park and I read where developments and upgrades had taken place.  I could get there sans vehicle via Confluence Park.  I first enjoyed Confluence then headed on south to Laycock.  The sun was already up by the time I made it into the forest. 
the golden glow of early morning
only some trees in the forest took on the morning glow
I headed on down into the park bottom to hit the trail that leads to Laycock Park.
The morning was shaping up beautifully.  I noticed a few other people off in different directions who were far enough away that there was no need to even think about physical distancing.  They were probably thinking the same as me, beat the rush.
I passed on bringing my big camera today in favour of my taking my kayaking/running camera.  Because I no longer run and have not been kayaking, I forgot I even had this camera.  I am liking what it is producing.  
The golden glow is gone, the wind picked up and the puffy fluffy clouds are forming.  
I was intrigued how the clouds in this photograph looked like extensions of the branches.  
As I entered into Laycock Park, the area took on a whole different look than where I just was.  No coyotes down in this Park as they remain up on the Hill, this was the only wildlife I saw today.  It was not going anywhere soon and just watched me do my thing.
Back in the day I used to picnic here.
A few things did look different around here from when I frequented the place, yet there were areas where it looked like construction was taking place.  I found out later those areas have been like that for quite some time as the city must have run out of money or interest in finishing up the job.  There were grassy areas as seen in this photo that were nice to stroll around.
This little painted stone was placed in a rock bed.  I believe someone else might be missing their out of the city adventures.  I see a tent with an open door, a fire and the birds flying high above.  We will be out there again one day.  For now, let's be thankful we have the City Parks to escape to.
I was not expecting to spot my first crocus of the season today.  I will be heading back here as it appeared there was potential for more to pop up.  They are late sprouting this year with winter like conditions only going by the way side last week.  When I saw it I sighed!  I now knew today was going to be OK!

It was an 11 km walk this morning.  

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