Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April 14 Past Present Future

Last year on April 14th, I shared with friends a day full of exploring in the foothills southwest of Calgary.  It was my first time hiking Indian Graves Ridge & Gardner's Gate and I was excited for the day.  The unknown at times heightens the level of excitement and anticipation.  We enjoyed many hours of blue sky, sunshine, wonderful scenery, route finding and sharing stories.  The icing on the cake came as we neared the end of our hike and saw a slope blanketed with crocuses.  That was a year ago today!  
If life carried on as usual, today I would be flying to Spain for a long stay vacation.  I have never been before and I was looking forward to what the little Spanish towns on the Mediterranean had to offer.  The thoughts of coastal walks for miles and miles on end heightened my level of excitement and anticipation.  Living a laid back European lifestyle with lots of blue sky, sunshine & sea breezes, wonderful scenery, finding our way and creating stories was to begin today!
Today life feels like it is in a holding pattern!  While I am holding on I am picking patterns that soothe my soul.  Cross stitching has been my saving grace these past few weeks.  This is my current project and it says it all.  The unknown at times scares me and when I stitch I drift away to thoughts of places and adventures that await that are not scary.  
When we get the green light and it is go time, I will go wth all my heart!

I wish our world to be well!

I look forward to the future when everyone can ...

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  1. How fortunate that you weren't in Spain when their outbreak occurred. I love your cross stitching and the beauty you continue to enjoy locally.


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