Thursday, April 2, 2020

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary April 2, 2020

A visit to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is supposed to be all about the birds but I am not that into birds.  It is a lovely place to do a walk about through forest sections, by the Bow River sections, over bridges, by sitting sections and around ponds.  I went for all those things arriving just as the sun came up.  As I got into my walk and the minutes passed by, I found myself stopping and listening to the birds, looking up to see which tree they were perched in and then trying to capture photographs.  My walk ended up being not only about enjoying all those sections but also being captivated by the birds' songs.   
It was another bitterly cold morning with light flurries and ice crystals.   
The sun tried to shine bright!
I wonder how this happened!
I had been to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary a couple of years ago and the trail that lead in this direction was closed for construction and maintenance.  This morning there was no barrier so I carried on along the path for a few minutes.  What a nice facility to learn outside!
in my heaviest layers yet I was still cold
I was probably cold because I was not moving fast or creating warmth climbing up an incline.   
The birds began to wake and they awoke my sense of hearing.  
Then time was passed standing still, focusing, capturing photos.  

My intentions were to enjoy the early morning being outdoors for two hours and when I checked the time, I was over due.  It was time to follow the path back to the entrance to the Sanctuary.  I was on my own for those two hours.  
As I neared the exit, I passed by two soloists just entering the property.  At the entrance the sign states to practice social distancing, this morning there were no concerns.   There was now some blue in the sky and I am sure that would bring out more birds singing more songs.  I felt fulfilled from this mornings outing and ready to head home and face reality yet with my head and heart being in a healthier place!

This was my six kilometre route, overlapping some sections.

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