Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Bow River Loop Attempt X-C Ski January 8, 2020

My intentions for today was for a bigger ski day but I had no success in making that happen.  With the amount of snow that fell yesterday and all night long, it would be work no matter what track I tried.  Time was on my side today so I was ready for whatever. My first choice was Moraine but the snow was too deep to get my car into the lot.  Well I could access Moraine from Upper Tramline, but only to see Louise parking lot a mess of snow banks and plows.  How about Great Divide then, it seemed OK a few minutes ago when I drove by.  Headed back there and by now a car was stuck in the snow in the entrance to the lot.  Oh what should I do?  

I drove  back down to the Village and to the train station parking lot where I started yesterday and which had already been cleared of snow this morning.  This is also a starting point for the Bow River X-C Ski Loop so that is now my planned route.  It was beautiful along here with so much snow.  It was warm and calm with blue sky and sun.  A faint track was visible under a few cms of snow.  I was thoroughly enjoying my ski....

....until in a matter of a minute it turned dark, the wind whipped up, blowing snow off the trees, it pelted wet heavy snow and created white out conditions.  I was continuously being snow bombed.  Enough was enough and I had enough.  I did an about turn to head back.  At the road crossing, I clipped out of each ski.  On the other side I could only clip back into one binding.  I tried and tried and tried but could not rectify the issue.  One ski on and one off, I ski-hopped, slip-walked, made a mess of the track, over about two kilometres back to my car.  

I was done like dinner so I went back to my room and ate my dinner as a late lunch.  Tomorrow is another day!


  1. I have one binding that is always tricky and I curse and whine until I can make it work. I've never had to hop back, cross fingers!

    1. I hope you never have to hop back! With the amount of snow I was standing in and it was continuing to come down, humidity level was 100% and the temperature dropping quickly, I was doomed with ice build up in the binding!


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