Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tramline Moraine Fairview Loop X-C Ski January 7, 2020

The forecast said Lake Louise would be walloped with snow today! My only thought was to get there before the brunt of it hit.  I safely arrived at the Lake Louise train station parking lot after a non-eventful drive.  

I picked the Tramline and Moraine tracks to ski on because they had been recently groomed but you would never know it by looking at them.  I guess it snowed here last night.  Tramline was a delightful sight with the abundance of snow sitting on the trees. Then came Moraine and minor flurries with no views but a dull sun ready to disappear.  I knew there would be nothing to view along Fairview except for snow and more snow and then even more when it began to wallop me.  When I made it back onto Tramline conditions were near whiteout.  Even though, it was still a quick trip back to my car.

What is a visit to Lake Louise Village without stopping into Wilson's and Laggans to make a donation!  Still with time to spare, I went for a stroll around the Lake Louise area.  It was very very quiet up there.  There is an incredible amount snow on the ground already and it was continuing to fall and accumulate.  It was now time for me to get comfy, cozy, dry and warm with my feet up, a beer in one hand and chips in another!

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