Thursday, December 26, 2019

McLean Hills Snowshoe December 26, 2019

We had a plan in place for today and within a mere matter of minutes our plan went awry as we went astray!  I have been three times up on those McLean Hills but my friend had never been.  My previous track was on my device as a reference to get us to the summit.  Easy breezy!  We knew there would be a good amount of snow to get through and if no one had been that is when the track would be necessary to get us to where we wished to go.  When we saw a broken trail into the forest a short distance from the car, we agreed to go for it and abandon the planned entrance further down the road.  
We followed the trail for some distance, then returned back along a short section, then veered off on another somewhat loosely packed trail.  We already knew we were off the planned route but went for where there was open spaces and wide animal tracks.  We reached the wide open space and the views were wonderful.
The untouched meadows were calling to us.  
Well into our trek we realized we were spending our time chatting, admiring the scenery, enjoying the powder and we had missed our turn off.  Also it was a much slower go with only two of us breaking trail in the deep snow.  We could see where the top was which was our original destination.  We agreed it would be a no go for today as we wanted a long lingering lunch and powder play time.

We settled where we had a scene as we savoured our soup and sandwich.  
Powder play should have probably occurred before fueling up.  Yet, we needed fuel but then being full on all that fuel made it a challenge to get some big action happening.  We called it quits when in the big bottom left photo, the snow I flipped up then curled over onto my friend and down her neck and jacket.
So she said "let's just do a nice standing photo!"  
I tried but failed!
There was so much snow!
It drifted, it covered little hills, it sparkled, it was beautiful!
view off to Moose Mountain
The day was getting on, we paid attention to the time, but then we ignored it!  
We could not pass by the pow.  
We found gentle slopes to slide down. 
oh so sweet sugar
Once again we checked the time and knew we needed to get a move on.  
The sun was descending.
Then once again, we ignored the time of day.  
My friend could not resist getting in a tad more gain.  
Of course I then had to follow her up there.  
wide open wonderful vista
long late afternoon shadows
We came upon another untouched meadow and it was tempting but we smartly passed on by!
The wide open spaces came to an end.  We entered the forest following the track we made many hours ago as we began our day.  The lighting was so pretty and the forest took on a different more appealing look.   I slowly sauntered along..... my friend worked her way out to the road!
the trees were still holding all the snow
view back into the forest just after exiting it
We had the last short stretch to complete along the road.  We had no time to spare.
As you can see on the attached google map, our red track shows we stayed off track all day and I am quite happy we went astray.  The route we took afforded us more meadows, more open vistas which in turn gave us the opportunity to spend extended periods of time indulging.  The location of the "Planned Destination" will always be there to reach another time.  

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