Friday, December 20, 2019

Glenbow Ranch Sunrise December 20, 2019

I got a wake up call this morning that I just had to answer!  It was time to catch the shades of sunrise at Glenbow Ranch.  With sunrise being so late it was no problem to be up and out the door on time.  I had time to spare so there was no rushing to get to upper Yodel to watch it.  It was beautiful to witness yet erie also as the coyotes were howling off in the distance.  
 my attempt at putting a barbwire frame on the sunrise
 trying to be artistic
 from a golden glow
 to a soft peachy hue
 then the bright pretty pink
 not to forget the orange glow behind me
 With the sun fully up and my wake up call answered it was time for a spot of tea.
 Then I hit The Great Trail back to my car.
Two hours and seven kilometers later I arrived back at my car feeling content.  

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