Monday, December 2, 2019

Confederation Park X-C Ski December 2, 2019

I love Mondays, their my fun days!  
It was just another morning enjoying the view while I work!

With the temperature on an upward swing, it's time for me to swing into action at Confederation Golf Course and I don't mean swinging the clubs I mean gliding in the X-C Ski tracks.  The gate was due to open today and it did which meant having a proper place to park without a long walk.  I was surprised at the number of vehicles already there when I arrived shortly after nine, I'd said there were a dozen.  It took no time to gear up and I was in the track shortly after arriving.
  It was a beautiful morning with the fluffy white clouds scattered throughout the bright blue sky. 
The blue flags marked the trail for classic skiers.
The tracks were O.K. in some sections and not so much in other areas.  
I do better in defined tracks that have some depth.  
There were times when I was confused with where I should be so took short cuts to get back on track.   That's when I made my own tracks which were probably over top of fairways.
out of the way bunny or I will run you over
wildlife sighting of the day
As the morning went on, it became even prettier.

When I was getting close to covering 10kms, I aimed for the hill and herringboned up it.
That's my kind of Monday. 
That's my kind of work!

This was the ground I covered today.  

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