Thursday, March 7, 2019

William Watson Lodge to Pocaterra Hut March 7, 2019

These Thursdays are turning into discovery days and I'm discovering lots about them, about me, about others.  I think too that I am getting what these Thursdays are all about and I like what I am getting!  Today was another one-way snowshoe along a route I did not know existed from William Watson Lodge to Pocaterra Hut the longer way with a detour.  I feel like these one-ways are spoiling me, how will I manage when it comes time to do an out & back again.  
We were dropped off at William Watson Lodge, geared up then six of us took off down the trail that leads to Lower Kananaskis Lake.  At the start I was already only donning minimal layers.  The sky was clearing and it was pretty right from the get-go.
 I eyed that blanket of white and dreamed of dashing through that snow.  
Oh so white!  Oh so blue!  We could see across the way to the dam which we would need to cross.  We reached it, we crossed it with the wind at our side and blowing snow around our feet.  I like the wilder feel those conditions offer.
 We reached a junction and there once again is a trail sign for the "High Rockies".
 After crossing the dam we took the route for the Penstock Loop.  
After that we were now in new territory for me.  During the many times I drove along the 40, I often spotted a tower off in the distance and wondered what it was, no one ever had an explanation for me.  During our wandering today, we came upon it.  
I wondered about the tower and while doing so, I wandered through the untouched white gold.  There is a beaten path along a road to my right but my preference was to dash through the snow.
 The warning sign says this tower may discharge without warning!
We circled around the tower and found where we had to veer off to head to our destination.  Along the way I saw these cabins.  I often wondered what was down those roads that said "do not enter", well here you go!  They had picnic tables and walk ways at the front of the cabins.
We continued along and eventually made our way to Pocaterra Hut.  
We had a late lunch inside before carrying on with more snowshoeing.
 Now we were three heading off in search of some powder.  
The X-C Ski trail lead us to Sounding Lake which others in days gone by had only ventured out onto a short distance.   We tested the conditions and confirmed it was safe to go the distance to the other side.  We worked our way across and then broke trail in over the knee deep snow along the side to the far end.
 It was time for a little route finding and bushwhacking up a steep slope and down the other side. 
We reached a meadow and broke trail through it which lead us back to a X-C Ski trail. 
We followed the last section along side the X-C Ski trail back to Pocaterra Hut completing a fun loop.      
today's route

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