Sunday, March 10, 2019

Rummel Lake March 10, 2019

After years of wondering what they were like and would I fit it, it was time to try them and see if they were true!   I signed up to try this club with hopes of having a fun enjoyable day snowshoeing to Rummel Lake.  I thought it best to first try with them what I was familiar with.  As it turned out it was a day shared with both new & old friends.   
There's that High Rockies sign again!
The trail up to Rummel Lake intersects the High Rockies Trail.
I always like when you get high enough that you look across to Tent Ridge and see The Fist to the side.  We looked for the big wooden bench around the High Rockies & Rummel Lake Trail intersection but it was no where to be seen.  You know what that means...this place is loaded with snow.
We arrived at Rummel Lake.  The whole Lake was in the sunshine this time around.  We had a later meeting time which meant arriving here later plus coming here in mid March all lined up to afford us a sunshiny lake visit.
We got comfy and then dined for quite some time.  Just as I was savouring the last bite, one of the others was too and he was keen for some destination shots.  I captured his and then he took mine.  I did not have a great deal of success running in the powder as it was too deep.  I tried!
Oh Oh I am beginning to loose balance!
deep down into the snow I go
It was time to pack up and head on back.  We made quick business going along the packed trail through the dense forest.  When we reached the open spaces it was time to move off trail in favour of finding a way through the deep white gold.  It wasn't easy but oh was it fun!
We found our way back out onto the beaten path further down and took a few minutes to admire the scenery before getting on with being done.  I commented that if a first timer was here trying to find there way to the Lake and back again on the real trail, there could be issues.  There were so many beaten down paths heading in all directions.  
What a great day we had making life happen out in this glorious playground!


  1. It looks like a swimming across the snow!

    1. In a few months people will actually be dipping into the lake to cool down from the heat!

  2. The snow just keeps on getting better.

    1. We are now on an upward swing toward positive double digits so this snow will begin disappearing.


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