Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lake Louise Snowshoe Trails March 21, 2019

When the decision was made to head back to Lake Louise today, I was on board.  A friend said to me a couple of years ago "Why don't you just move there!"  I tell you I do feel right at home when I am at Lake Louise.  Snowshoe season is winding down and this was an opportunity to get another kick at the sport, potentially it could be the last hurrah.  With another one-way planned including a trail I have been curious about, I was a keener to get there. 

It was a day of pure blue sky and warm from the onset.  We headed up behind the Chateau Lake Louise and looked for the #27.   The signage was there but was very confusing.  I hear this is the doings of the Chateau and not Parks Canada.  Once we got well along then it was obvious.   The route was downhill the whole way until we arrived at a meadow near the Great Divide Trail.         
It was back in December of 2017 when I first noticed this snowshoe sign while x-c skiing the Great Divide.  It was a newly established snowshoe loop.  Each time I glided by here I wondered about it.  It looked inviting.
photo from December 2017
Today I satisfied all that wondering!  
Yup!  It's spring!  No hat, no mitts, no long underwear, no jacket, no snow pants.  
Lots of post holing even with snowshoes on, lots of sunscreen, lots of sweating, lots of drinking.  
I looked at those mountain peaks in a different way today.  
My mind wandered to sitting on those summits and feeling all high and mighty.   
The #27 crossed over to the other side of the Great Divide and lead us through the forest for awhile before crossing back over and having an uphill climb back up to Lake Louise. We passed by the horse barns and employee accommodations.
We sat outside beside the Lake for our lunch break.  We could see off towards Victoria Glacier and noticed there had been recent avalanche activity.  The ratings were high at all levels today but we were fine as we stuck with the safe way.
After lunch we hooked up with a short section of the Tramline which lead us back to the Great Divide and then the beginning of the Louise Creek Trail which we followed all the way down.  At the bottom instead of heading right to the Village we veered off and followed the Bow River out to the Station and then aimed back towards the Village.  We did not want the day to end so prolonged it as long as timed allowed.  
This was our route for today.
I already know I would like a re-do of this route but in the midst of winter though when it is truly winter white with pretty powder.  For now I wonder is it time to shift focus and trot my snowshoes down to the basement?  With today being the 21st and looking back to photos from 2016 where in that year I have first crocus photographs of the season on the 24th and the 26th, yes it may be time to shift focus!  
Happy Spring!
Happy Everything!

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