Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Nose Hill March 20, 2019

This time around my friend in my neck of the woods was keen to meet me at Nose Hill to join in on a 10km ground cover ramble.  My goal is to hit as many hills as possible so this made a good spring tune-up for her.  Today's "out & about" took us up & down, over here & then there, around this & that, veer towards this, aim for that, jump, slip, slop and laugh about it all.  Nose Hill in most sections was a mess of mud, snow, ice, slush, swamp and water. What can you expect though when the temperature ranges from -15C to +15C over a short time frame.               
Scenery wise was on the not so photogenic side.  The sky was blue without a trace of any kind of cloud and the ground was brown with no specks of green what so ever. We made our own scenery all the while catching up on trip talk and of course life's happenings.
Nose Hill Lake is back!  This area on the Hill is somewhat of a catch basin.  Snow melt from all directions lead to here.  It was frozen enough in the way that skimming rocks across it created a delightful symphony.
We found one of the medicine circles.
We think this must be telling us we are at the center of Nose Hill.
After many ups & downs and everything else we needed to perform to avoid mud & water, we found a bench where we could sit and snack.  Our view was a line of snow covered peaks from one end to the other.  By now we were down to short sleeve shirts and enjoying cool water instead of hot tea.
This was our 10km route for today.

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