Saturday, October 6, 2018

Nova Scotia Colours Retreat 5 Sept/Oct 2018

Being out & about these past few days, I have been noticing how the leaves are changing colour daily.  At times it almost seems like in a matter of seven to eight hours there is a difference.  With an ideal weather forecast predicted for today, it was best that I hit the country roads to observe the autumn show.  I drafted a route which as it turns out I accidentally veered off from for the last third of my trip.  

As I drove on down the roads I did realize there were not very many safe opportunities to pull off to capture the beauty.  Thankfully traffic was pretty much non existent and I took some chances.  I did not want to land home without memories captured from seconds in time along this pretty route.

I like the unique town, community names.  I passed through Moosehead, Eureka and Ecum Secum just to name a few.
I went to Sherbrooke Village to stroll around.  I had been many moons ago.  Today at this time of year it was not fully open.  I could enter for a donation instead of an entry fee.  I was not interested in a guided tour so leisurely walked around on my own. Three of the 20some buildings were open.  In a way it was erie to be walking around an historic settlement with no one around.  I quite enjoyed it though!

I missed the turn off that I had intended to get me back to my home away from home.  Looking back that was a blessing in disguise.  The country road I followed afforded me the opportunity to witness the most amazing autumn colours I could imagine.  I am told the colours have not reached their prime. Are you serious was my thinking!  Now I hope for another favourable forecast and getting to view more of Nova Scotia's autumn colours.  


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