Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nova Scotia Colors Retreat 8 Sept/Oct 2018

This morning the beautiful forecast outlook spoke to me loud & clear.  It said go early, go country roads, stop to embrace the beauty, but most importantly "remember to breathe"!  

I listened!  I obeyed!  I enjoyed!
I was left breathless!

On the last day of my Nova Scotia Colors Retreat the weather took a turn for the best.  I knew I needed to make the most of this day.  I had been a bit disappointed the last couple of days with the amount of rain that dampened the being "out & about" experience to see the autumn colors.  While the colors were there and gorgeous, I knew I needed some blue sky and sunshine to capture the true vibrancy.  Today I received that gift I wished for!  

I revisited places that I had stopped by on previous days.  What a difference a couple of days makes.  The colors were changing day by day and were approaching their peak.  If this is not peak then peak would knock my socks off.
 The leaves on the ground make this sight a sight to see.
One of the local churches has beautiful grounds surrounding it.  
This time I took a stroll here.  
The country roads are beautiful to drive along but they are not user friendly for pulling off to get out to capture memories. I was determined to find a way to do that today even if it meant having to park safely somewhere then even safely walk a distance on the edge of the winding roads.  It was worth doing that to secure photographs like this.
 When there was no where to pull over, I was ready!
 As my morning progressed so did the splendor. 
Parks with parking lots and places to walk were the best places to be and what I searched for.  I had a list of them written out on a piece of paper sitting on my passenger seat.  The reds were what I wanted to witness the most.
 reds & reflections
I continued on down the country road.  I went in search of the Green Hill Lookout which I could not find.  I remembered that place from many years ago and climbing up the lookout stairs to get an overall view.  Maybe it no longer exists.  So I returned back to the country road.  The views close by and down the road were amazing.
I had Salt Springs Provincial Park on my list.  I followed the directions but could not find that place either.  I drove a stretch back and forth but saw no major park sign to point me in the right direction.  So, I carried on down the country road.  I stopped where I could to admire the views.
The kilometers passed while I passed by beautiful road side scenery.  
It was time to work my way away from the country roads back out to the highway.  I was thankful for what I saw today.  The colors were as I remembered them growing up here.  What I now have to ponder is which Nova Scotia season do I want to experience next?  This beautiful little province has so much beauty to offer.  Not only is there beauty in the scenery but also in the hearts of its people!  

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