Friday, October 5, 2018

Nova Scotia Colours Retreat 4 Sept/Oct 2018

At 1000 sq feet I have lots of room here to share.  The scenery, the colours, the wine it's all worth sharing.  I had some time to pass before my friend arrived.  The weather was beautiful and the beach is right there. I put two and two together beautiful + beach = get out there!  This is what out there looked like for a couple of hours while I waited.

My friend arrived and I quickly introduced her to the lifestyle I have been living the past few days.  During our high school days, she was very familiar with seashore living but it was the high school and shortly thereafter version.  We took the picture window view and settled in to catch up on life's happenings.
The next morning we took care of morning business then went about our visit incorporating two Islands into our sightseeing.  Caribou Island was first.  My friend had never been and I was there September of last year and yesterday morning.  We strolled the Waterside Beach and then drove out to the lighthouse.  How lucky were we to time our visit just as the ferry was coming into Caribou from Wood Islands PEI.

Just down the road from my home away from home is a free library in a church parking lot. The backdrop for the book case is the church cemetery.  We each found a book to our liking.  Mine is called The Cottage Life".  


A few minutes further along the winding country road is the road along side Melmerby Beach which leads to Roy's Island and a hiking trail.  My friend had never been and I was there September of last year.  We walked out to the end where the views are forever. 

We packed lots in scenery-wise and conversation-wise over the past number of hours.  Our visit was short yet was sweet. Safe travels back home.  Now on her way, I reflected on our visit.  Once again the day turned gorgeous affording me time to end the evening with a beach stroll.

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