Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Nova Scotia Colours Retreat 3 Sept/Oct 2018

We had a destination in mind for today's road trippin yet we were open to potential side trippin as we motored along the Sunrise Trail in the opposite direction from yesterday.  Jost Vineyards was beckoning not just for the vines but for the scenery, to make an investment, and to savour lunch in their Seagrape Cafe.

To get on to the road that would take us there, we first had to conquer the small town double round-about in the shape of a figure eight.  Whew, we came out the other end in one piece with our wits still about us.  

The scenery then began and there was no stopping it.  Side trippin began quite quickly.  The road to Cape John was so captivating, it melted my heart.  We spotted a tiny house with cake signs and an open front door.  If anything, I wanted a photograph of it.  We approached the front door to read the signs and look inside, and to open the cooler sitting on the bench inside.  For $5.00 by the honour system, we could treat ourselves to a piece of pumpkin pie, topped with a layer of chocolate, a side container of whipped cream sprinkled with spices.  Each piece was on a plate, inside a bag with a fork included.  We trusted and we tried!  It was delicious and melted in our mouths.   This experience was so endearing, it made us smile and chuckle with glee.

At Cape John the sea air filled our hearts and lungs and felt so wonderful.  We heard sounds in the distance then realized the rocks off shore were covered in seals.  The sea shanty cafes were closed for the season.  The colours were pretty here which I was not expecting.

We passed through River John.  Each July they have a writers festival with poets and story tellers from across Canada coming to express they words.  

Last evening while doing my homework in preparation for today's road trippin, I discovered there was a brand new Provincial Park near the Jost Vineyards.  We went side-trippin to this Blue Sea Provincial Park.  It was outstanding scenery-wise.  Here again, seals were sounding and lounging about.  The trail we took to the beach was as green as could be lined with autumn hues. One section of the beach was colourful rock covered, the other section pure sand.  We spent a lengthy amount of time here.

With the morning desert now worn off, it was time for lunch at the Seagrape Cafe at Jost Vineyards.  It was a delightful experience and of course delicious.  We made our investment which we transported to our vehicle before then strolling around the vineyard. I did not sample the grapes, I just breathed in the aroma to make that kind of a lasting memory.

We embraced such nice surprises today.  




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