Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fairview & Saddle Mountains September 9, 2018

I headed west with "somewhat" of an idea of what I might like to accomplish today.  If my "somewhat" plan fell into place, I would be able to say I reached the summit of Fairview Mountain.  My reasoning for referring to today's plan as "somewhat" was due to whether I could get into the parking lot in the first place and whether the weather would be on my side.  I got that parking spot, whew, but the sky and the feel in the air felt off.  My thinking now was "I am here just go and see how far I get!"  

When all was said and done, I accomplished much more physically and mentally than I expected. 
During today's hike I had "somewhat" of an awakening!  I wasn't quite content to be here today, I was down about the weather, I could smell smoke, there were no grand vistas anywhere in sight.  Along the way today, I met a few from afar vacationers who were in our Rocky Mountains to hike.  Some I had small talk with, some we chatted at length, some we exchanged pleasantries.  Some of the words exchanged were along these lines:  

Me: "It's cold today!"
Her: "I don't feel cold I have so many layers on!"

Me:  "Too bad you can smell the smoke!"
Him:  "I don't notice the smell of smoke!"

Me:  "The clouds are covering the top of Temple!"
Him:  "That's Temple? It looks beautiful!"

Me:  "The views can be much nicer!"
Him:  "They looked spectacular to me!"

I realized I was in a negative frame of mind and it was clouding my day!  
I needed that awakening and to refresh my mind set. 

I reached Saddleback Pass and knew at this point I would go for the summit of Fairview.  
While the sky was light grey, there appeared to be no threat with rain or snow.  
It amazes me each time I am in this area, how close we are able to get to the glaciers.
As I approached the summit and looked back, the sun was shooting rays out over Saddle Mountain.  
I let that sink in and took it as a sign.
I arrived on the summit of Fairview Mountain and captured my proof that I did so.  The odd flurry of snow scattered about and I could see off in the distance, well I could see nothing off in the distance but white.  I took that as a sign that I better begin my departure.  It was a full on snow shower for half of the descent.
I arrived back at Saddleback Pass and sat for a few minutes to snack.  I was now in my happy place mentally and was appreciating everything about this day.  While it is still summer, the shades of autumn are in full swing.  Those shades added loads of color to this place and this day.

I was feeling quite content now, a big switch from my sentiments earlier in the day.  I felt like a belonged and right at home.  I am grateful to be out, in, up, on these mountain peaks.  I like the man-made creations and Mother Nature's too. 

I was feeling an extra strength today so went for the summit of Saddle Mountain also.  I am not so sure I would have if not for the conversations with the vacationers and my then new attitude.  This was my second time up on this mountain and my thinking is going forward this will always be incorporated with a Fairview summit.
While I dislike the congestion lately with getting to and from the Lake Louise area, I truly love the vast playground here.  That's what keeps me coming back for more.  While I am just a tiny speck in this mountainous range, I feel big & strong when I stand on top of a summit here.
I am glad I hopped in the car and headed west today. 
I am thankful I eventually did not let anything stand in my way.
I was reminded to be grateful for so many things.  

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