Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dinosaur Provincial Park Comfort Camping Sept 11, 2018

Back in September of 2012 I went tent camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park which is located just a 45 minute drive northeast of Brooks, Alberta.  I enjoyed my time there and put the thought on the back burner to go back again another time and give the comfort camping units a try.  A few times over the earlier years I checked into the website only to see the comfort units fully booked for weekends where I had openings.  I let the thought go and let the years pass then just a few weeks ago I revisited the site. What to my wondering eyes and surprise there was one vacancy for two nights, mid week, early September.  In a matter of mere minutes it was mine!  

This is the view from the patio of my comfort camping unit.
It was an easy straight forward drive and within just 2.5 hours I was at Dinosaur Provincial Park.  I stopped at the Overview at the top of the hill to get a lay of the land and admire the scenery.  It was was warm & sunny, it was quiet & peaceful.
I could see down to where the campground was and the orange star marks that location.
It was a little on the early side for check-in so I strolled around the grounds.  The colors were as I remembered them to be and that was one of the reasons I wanted to come back at this time of year.
The campground is surrounded by the badlands.  There are trails throughout that offer amazing views and lead to the various facilities.  This is the parking lot for the check-in, the store, the cafe, the showers and the laundry.

view from the boat dock on the Red Deer River a minute across the meadow from my unit
It was time to check in and check out my home away from home for two nights.  The front view shows I have my own fire pit, a load of fire wood, a picnic table, two Adirondack chairs, a side table and a bar-b-que.
Unzip the canvas door, then unzip the screen door and come inside. I was amazed at the interior.  Yes, this is glamorous camping.  It was spacious, it actually sleeps up to four people.  It came with electricity, three lamps, a heating unit, a chest full of blankets and pillows for the sofa that opens out into a bed.  There were two night stands, a side table, a dinning table with two full size benches.  The fridge was larger than I expected and the cupboard included all the kitchen ware necessary.  The coffee maker was full size as was the tea kettle.
view out my front door
I unpacked and made myself at home.  After a glass of wine and a nap, it was dinner time and then it was time to hit a trail and be out in the badlands for sunset.  The Coulee Viewpoint Trail starts at the Visitor Center which is a five minute walk from my home away from home.
sunset shadow shot
I got deep into the coulee and then realized I did not have my headlamp so found my way out and back to my site before pitch dark.  The sky was clear, it was calm and relaxing. I settled into my lawn chair...
...by the fire and just listened to nothing but the sparks and crackles.  

When the last embers ended, I retreated to my abode, zipped up the canvas door, zipped up the screen door then settled in for the night.  I read by the lamp light all nestled cozily under the blankets until my eye lids became heavy and I began reading the same line over and over and over.  

Good Night!  Sweet Dreams!

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