Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dinosaur Provincial Park Comfort Camping Sept 12, 2018

When I booked my two nights for comfort camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park, that was all that was available.  A couple of days before heading east to the badlands, I saw that the Thursday night for the same unit opened up.  I already knew I would not want to head home on Thursday so first things first, I paid a visit to the campground check-in and sure enough I was able to secure the third night.  

When I woke I stayed in bed cozy for a bit then when I could see it becoming somewhat lighter inside my home away from home, I unzipped the two doors and peaked outside.  Quickly I scrambled into some outer layers and footwear and went out to embrace the sunrise.
I brewed a pot of coffee and enjoyed the early morning from my patio.
Getting on with the morning, I aimed for The Badlands Trail which was a short walk from my front canvas door.  The sun was just rising up over the formations. I already knew I was in for a treat today.
today's shadow shot
As the morning progressed the layers came off.  The desert sun felt hot.  There was no breeze and not many clouds in the sky.  No shelter was to be had.  Here you are exposed to Mother Nature and her Badlands and Hoodoos.
some places are open to explore while others are clearly marked as off limits
wide vista shows a landscape that made me feel like I was on another planet
This looks like something!
But what?
More delayering took place as noon approached.
This morning started as orange hues with sunrise, then golden as I hiked throughout the landscape, next was grey upon grey.  Lost in this landscape affords lots of lingering opportunities to appreciate this unique place which is a World UNESCO Heritage Site
Early afternoon meant lunch time, reading time, relaxing time, wine time, nap time.
With both doors unzipped this is the view inside from the outside.
All the kitchen ware necessary to prepare a lunch time feast was provided.
Even the clean up items were provided.
When early afternoon neared later afternoon, I headed towards the section of the campground where I stayed back in 2012 and took a trail from there up into where geology is boundless.  I liked how the clouds were developing which meant too we now had a bit of a breeze.
hoodoos and what have you
A later afternoon selfie enjoying the breeze and cooler air while watching the clouds dance.
Just a mere amount of minutes and I was back at my glamorous home.  I got dinner done quickly so I could head on back out for sunset.  This time I went earlier and with my headlamp back to the Coulee Trail.  This trail offers up a wonderful window on this spectacular landscape.
I reached a higher spot where I could see down to the Red Deer River and to where my living quarters is.  The Visitor Center is front and center.  There were many people out in this area this evening.  I am sure they felt the same as me, how fortunate to be right here right now.
gloriously glowing 
embracing the view
As night approached, I was already comfy and cozy in my bed.  The air felt cooler and the breeze turned to light winds.  I turned my heating unit on to +18C and left it at that as I lay my head on the pillow, closed my eyes and that is the last thing I remember of this amazing day.  

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