Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dinosaur Provincial Park Comfort Camping Sept 13, 2018

When I woke this morning I was so thankful I did not have to pack up and head on home to Calgary.  I was enjoying these living arrangements.  While I love being in the mountains, and near the ocean, I also enjoy hanging out in badlands where there are hoodoos and fossils and lands like no other.  It is also typically nicer and warmer weather-wise. 
Another reason I did not want to have to get out of bed and pack up and head home was because it felt cold and I was too cozy under the blankets.  I reached over and turned my heating unit up from +18C to +25C.  I waited for it to warm up inside and then went about my business.
The cold air called for coffee by a campfire.  There was no spectacular sunrise on this morning.  My neighbours came out and we exchanged good mornings then they began their fire.  They also got their bar-b-que going I guess for a hot breakfast.  I did not bring items for a hot breakfast so made do with my skyr & granola, banana, coffee, grapes and crackers.
I loaded on extra layers and even my gloves for this mornings hike.  I ventured down the Cottonwood Trail this time.  The sky was grey and dismal but the ground cover made up for that with its vibrancy.
grey embraced by color
On this summer morning it felt like fall.  It looked it too.  
I like the sound when my feet swoosh through the fallen leaves.
standing stark in the desert
The Cottonwood Trail meanders amongst the cottonwood trees and the colorful ground cover.  The deer were plentiful and they stared at me as if I was intruding on their territory.  I went about my merry way and let them do their thing.
I followed the full loop and then headed back out to the dirt road.  There was a picnic table at the intersetion which was a perfect spot and perfect timing for a mid-morning snack.
Just up the road was The Trail of the Fossil Hunters and that route was next on my agenda. By now it had warmed up and it was time to shed a couple of layers. I was happy some blue in the sky appeared. 
hoodoos along the trail
There are many areas to scamper and scramble upon.  I took full advantage of those and gave full respect to the signs stating don't go here.  I could see others out amongst the landscape scampering here and there.  I enjoy this time of year here as it is on the quiet side people-wise.  A few folks here and there out here is fine, I would think during peak summer season it would be a challenge to get photos without people in them.
Early afternoon back home meant wine time.  I did not bring a proper wine glass and one was not provided so a plastic tumbler would be suffice. Some reading time was incorporated as was unexpectedly falling asleep.  This badlands exercise and air is so relaxing.
I had one last evening to enjoy sunset time.  
I went out even earlier and stayed longer and covered more territory.  
The clouds were phenomenal and made for a photographers dream.  
I have a 30 second timer on my camera which affords me this kind of photo.  I had a few seconds to spare once I reached my posing spot.  I could see off in the distance people posing on high spots.  It was nice to see that.
something a little different
The sun began to go down and the colors started to change.
Sections on the horizon began to light up.
feeling high up with the clouds
The colors turned incredible.  More people were arriving who were also appreciating this was a special evening out here.  How fortunate were we!  When today began, I was prepared for a dark and dismal day but it turned out being the most colorful day of all!
Here's a bit of final color to close out today.  I had lots of firewood still to use so enjoyed an extended amount of time by the warmth of a long and lingering fire.  I glanced over at my neighbours who were doing the same.  We exchanged smiles.  I sensed we were in the same head space about this place and this experience.
Tonight I wore an extract layer on top in bed and turned the heating unit to +21C.  I pulled all the blankets up to my ears, curled up, closed my eyes and drifted off this time to the sounds of the coyotes howling.  This added to the dinosaur desert experienced.  I smiled!

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