Friday, August 3, 2018

Nelson July 31 - August 3, 2018

It was time to move on down the road.  Before parting ways with Revelstoke I strolled out the front door of my suite down to the path by the Kicking Horse River and along it for a short distance.   The smoke sparsely hung about just enough to dull the hues on the horizon.  I wonder if future summers will be different here.  It seems our summers have been smoke filled from wildfires in British Columbia or from the north western United States fires. 
It's one day at a time right now and today I don't need to decide where to go from the many options, I am heading south to catch the Galena Bay Ferry that will take me to the other side of Upper Arrow Lake where I will then aim for Nelson.
on the ferry looking back 
but now it's time to look forward
I arrived just north beyond Nelson a bit, still too early to check into my home away from home for three nights, so drove a few kilometers past to Kootenay Creek Provincial Park. Aah I think I found paradise for this scorching hot day.  I set up at a picnic table under the shade from the trees, yet with a wide open view to Kootenay Lake and beyond.
I had a couple of hours to pass so just almost past out.  

When it was time, I left this paradise, drove the few minutes to check in then unpack and unwind.  I had initial intentions before leaving for this road trip to hike and kayak in the Nelson area.  Yet, when I arrived and the hours passed into the evening, which was next day planning session time, I wavered about the hiking.   Today measured at 37C with a humidex of 42C.  Tomorrow's forecast was to be similar.

The next day came and I headed back to that paradise spot and claimed it for the day.  I had intentions of renting a kayak down the beach and going for a paddle but that never did materialize.  I lazed about, went for a swim every hour, read, napped, snacked, was entertained by the many others who had more energy than me.
The sun beat down and I retreated to the shade.  
The above mentioned activity became my daily routine. At times I felt guilty and combated through some self talk.  I am so used to filling every second, keeping busy and on the go and active.  My life can be different now, it doesn't have to be that past way anymore.  It can be but it does not have to be.  That's what I told myself.  After the argument, I was able to let it go and just be here, just be, just be in the moment doing absolutely nothing.

Then the rays shone down on me and I knew I would be O.K.!
Each morning after coffee and before breakfast and before heading to that paradise place of Kootenay Creek Provincial Park, I drove the few minutes into Nelson to stroll along the pathway by the waterfront.  The early morning water was calm.  The smoke cast soft shades.  Thankfully I could not smell the smoke and it did not bother me.
these early morning strolls were a good time to reflect on life as it is these days

Two days before check out day, I opened up the news to see what was transpiring with regards to the wildfires.  The plan I had in place was for the next two nights to be spent in Invermere.  From the news I knew Invermere was not the place to be.  I may be able to get there but to head further north from there was not in the cards, not at this point in time anyway.   I cancelled out of Invermere and booked into Fernie, there were still numerous options available of places to stay.  The route shown here was no longer in the plan.
When the 3rd actually rolled around, I hit the road with intentions of staying in Fernie and then deciding when it was time to leave there would 93 be open where the wildfire in red is shown and head that way or would I carry on east through Crowsnest and north to home from there.  
Well, as it turned out traffic was light heading in my direction from Nelson and in no time at all I passed through Salmo, passed through Creston, passed through Cranbrook, then made the split decision and sailed right on by Fernie.  It was now and only now did I begin to smell the smoke and feel it sting my eyes.  The traffic going against me was crazy and I almost had the highway to myself in my direction.  I just went for it.  Fort McLeod came upon me before I even knew it and now I was heading north, to home.

This road trip did not pan out as I had planned it to or had hoped for what it would be.  The new me is absolutely fine with this and I treasure it for what it was.  I realized I liked taking each day as it came and being free to opt out, change plans, reroute, go when I want and where I want.  I want to do this again, in a different direction though and at a time of year when I do not need accommodations booked in advance.  My September is wide open except for one Saturday so far.  I look forward to what the next days and weeks and months have in store!

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